Digital Garden

You have reached the digital garden of Joe Hallenbeck (Lord Bowlich), also known as a digital brain, a knowledgebase or a zettelkasten. I intend to provide a public working record of knowledge and ideas that I am working on irrespective of subject matter. In this manner it is a tool for my usage, but perhaps as a public record it can be useful for many exploring similar disciplines.

Hapgood describes the digital garden as existing in opposition to the digital stream. The later is ordered chronologically and exists as a form of dialectic. Posts in the stream are closed for editing once published. My blog  fulfills this function. The garden however, is a series of notes and pages that are open for editing -- they are "evergreen" as Andy Matuschak puts it.

The garden is structured as an unindexed wiki with articles bidirectionally linked into a web of interconnected concepts and ideas. You get the most out of it by choosing a place to start, and then wandering through the network as you please.

A good place to start is on the Top of My Mind page.