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Brag Sheet

The "Brag Document" comes from an essay written by Julia Evans outlining a process for clearly documenting your work accomplishments over the year to present to supervisors, colleagues and yourself. The following outlines the key points that I took out of her essay.

The brag sheet is roughly 5-10 pages by the end of the year and updated on a quarterly basis. It includes narrative, diagrams, [[mind mapping]] and lists as a complete report to highlight my achievements over the course of the year.

In the process of writing the brag sheet, look for patterns and themes in my work. What makes me proud. What would I like to do more or less? What could I have done better. Include both concrete successes as well as less concrete or "fuzzy" accomplishments like improving code quality or teamwork.

Include the following sections

  • Include a section for career goals for this year and the next
  • Include a section on projects. Address my contributions and the impact
  • Include a section on collaboration. Mentoring. Foundational code. Talks or
  • informal training sessions. Documentation. Domain expertise.
  • Include a section for extracurricular studies. Open source. Conferences attended. Blog posts. Research and learning.
  • Include a section outlining tool mastery. Languages. Frameworks. etc.

External References

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