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Change Log


Git Hash: 58b2f2d61b51fc47ad5941f7ec4dae645f5c0cad

  • Added Banana Bread, Kolacky, Soboro Don, Gyudon and Pomidorowa to the cookbook
  • Wrapped up Currently Reading 2023, and started Currently Reading 2024
  • Added a Default Apps note
  • Added a note on "Must Haves," "Nice to Haves," "Avoids," and "Must-Not" when job hunting
  • Added a note explaining Next Actions in the context of GTD
  • Updated the Best Films list to incorporate 2023
  • Updated the Brag Sheet
  • Updated Pythefnos and shortened the date from two to one character with the first week represented numerically, and the second alphabetically.
  • Updated Pythefnos to cover quarterly syntax
  • Updated Pythefnos to note how to document fortnight recurring events
  • Updated my explanation of the Five Line Journal
  • Updated my notes on GTD
  • Updated my note on Lab Notebooks
  • Updated my notes on weekly, per-fortnight, quarterly and annual reviews
  • Updated my notes on knowledge management
  • Updated the Tmux Gremiore with additional chords
  • Updated the contents of my Home Lab
  • Updated my essential pantry list
  • Removed the World Travel Flightlist. Everything is now consolidated into a single Flightlist


Git Hash: b210baf33fdad5d9524d844734fc3815f7557b16

  • Broadly updated all notes on personal productivity
  • Updated note on 8760 hours
  • Updated the Pythefnos note to add notes on Pymin
  • Updated the Weekender Flightlist
  • Updated the PHP-PSR note with reflections on property and method order
  • Updated the Kraut recipe with optimal temperatures.
  • Updated note on the Small Web with reflection on "An App as a Home Cooked Meal"
  • Updated the Software Engineering Lab Books note
  • Updated the note on the Heart Sutra
  • Added Notes on Domesticate Your Badgers
  • Added a note on Kishotenketsu
  • Added a note on Snowcrash
  • Added a note on The Wind Up Bird Chronicles
  • Added a Links note
  • Added a note on Spiritfarer
  • Added a Currently Reading 2023 note
  • Added 20 more films to my "Best Films" list
  • Added a note on Next Action Items
  • Added a note on Mind Mapping
  • Added a note on Todo.txt
  • Added a note on Pomdoro
  • Added note on GTD
  • Added note on Minimal ZTD
  • Added a Bologanaise Recipe
  • Added a Carnitas recipe
  • Added a Crockpot Pork Ribs recipe
  • Added a Refried Beans recipe
  • Added a Spanish Rice recipe
  • Added a note on Project Planning
  • Added a note on Victory Gardens
  • Added a note on Zets

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