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Currently Reading 2022

This is my reading list for 2021! Last Updated 2022-12-26.

You can also see my previous [[Reading List for 2020]], and [[Reading List for 2021]].

Books Finished

  1. Mischel, Walter. The Marshmallow Test
  2. Guest, Charlotte. The [[Mabinogion]]
  3. Nash, Roderick. [[Wilderness]] and the American Mind
  4. Parry, Glenn Aparicio. Original Thinking
  5. Stephenson, Neil. [[Snow Crash]]
  6. Lucas, ML. Domesticate Your Badgers
  7. Murakami, Haruki. [[The Wind Up Bird Chronicles]]
  8. Donovan, Alan. The [[Go Programming Language]]
  9. Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby
  10. Burroughs, William S. Naked Lunch
  11. Inio, Asano. Goodnight Punpun
  12. Ousterhout, John. A Philosophy of Software
  13. Graeber, David. Debt
  14. MacKinnon, J.B. The Day the World Stopped Shopping
  15. Kerouac, Jack. On the Road
  16. Ward, Brian. How Linux Works
  17. Marquez, Garcia Gabriel. One Hundred Years of Solitude
  18. Carr, Nicholas. The Shallows
  19. Kerouac, Jack. Desolation Peak

Films Watched

I started a list of the [[Best Films]] watched since 2010.

(R) - Recommend/Must Watch/Buy


  1. The Matrix (R)
  2. The Matrix Reloaded
  3. The Matrix Revolutions
  4. The Matrix Resurrections
  5. When Marnie Was There
  6. East of Eden (R)
  7. Rebel Without a Cause (R)
  8. Tales of Earthsea
  9. Weathering with You (R)
  10. Romancing the Stone (R)
  11. Blood Simple (R)
  12. Totoro (R)
  13. Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto (R)
  14. Samurai II: Dual at Ichijoji Temple (R)
  15. Samurai III: Dual at Ganryu Island (R)
  16. Dune (R)
  17. Whisper of the Heart (R)
  18. Story of Floating Weeds (R)
  19. Kiki's Delivery Service (R)
  20. Stalker (R)
  21. Drive My Car (R)
  22. From Up On Poppy Hill (R)
  23. Ocean Waves (R)
  24. Ride Your Wave
  25. The Wind Rises (R)
  26. Coraline (R)
  27. Only Yesterday (R)
  28. Nocturnal Animals
  29. Hanzo the Razor
  30. The Princess Kayuga (R)
  31. A Brighter Summer Day (R)
  32. Dazed and Confused (R)
  33. Ghost in the Shell (1995, R)
  34. All Eyes
  35. Home With A View of the Monster
  36. Blue Velvet
  37. The Mist
  38. Ed Wood
  39. Trainspotting (R)
  40. The Big Chill
  41. Blazing Saddles
  42. Y tu mamá también (R)
  43. A Serious Man
  44. The Producers
  45. Scrouge (1951, R)
  46. High Anxiety (R)
  47. All Quiet on the Western Front (2022, R)
  48. Muppets Family Christmas (R)
  49. Die Hard (R)


  1. The Expanse S06
  2. Lupin the 3rd: The Woman Called Fujiko Mime
  3. Rick & Morty S06
  4. The Boys S01-03 and Diabolical

Games Played

  1. Spiritfarer
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
  3. The Stillness of the Wind
  4. Gris
  5. Hades

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