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Damasca History

Damasca was started in the winter of 1999 by Kirath (Ryan Miller of Reptoid Games) as an online roleplaying event. It evolved over that winter into a [[Graal Online]] player server running v1.28 of Graal and attracting a large cohort of active players. In "We Love Re-Tooling: The History of Damasca" Dart Zaidyer wrote a more complete take on the evolution of Damasca.

Damasca: Clan Wars

The first version of Damasca was the Clan Wars feature a number of class-based factions (Warriors, Archers, Clerics, Mages, Rangers, Baddies, Chameleons). It ran approximately four months and all assets from this time have since been lost except for a single screenshot of the overworld map.

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Damasca: The Second Age

Over the summer of 2000 and running into early 2001 was Damasca: Second Age, often referred to as D2A and is perhaps the version of Damasca that most players started and remember. D2A continued the factions of the Clan wars, scaling them down to Warriors, Explorers, Necromancers, Mages and Clerics. It featured an 8x8 grid map of which only the lower three rows of maps were ever developed. Everything else was empty dirt, grass, or snow tiles. The Basilisk Hunting minigame appeared, as well as several quests, a starting village in the east and the town of Deuce in the west.

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Damasca: The Conflicted Kingdoms

D2A was never completed because the server staff fell into working on yet another reincarnation of Damasca, Damasca: The Conflicted Kingdoms (TCK). In this version, the class-based clans were dropped in favor of six kingdoms: Alkemia, the dark/offensive mages; Arnoth, What was Arnoth?; Delthia, the white/healing mages; Ganiada, the theives; Halkonas, the knights, and Kiyanda the samaurai. The scope of the game also expanded with plans to create three continents (Magrathea, Dureign, and Makarda) each themselves three times the size of D2A.

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Damasca: Forever


Damasca: Classic & D2A 2010


Attempts to Restart Damasca

Since the project's hiatus several attempts have been made to restart Damasca using alternative engines including a Neverwinter Nights module, a [[Damasca Minecraft]] Server using the Magrathea map as a seed, and a few attempts at finishing the engine that Daiftau started. Current efforts are going into either creating [[Damasca Classic]], a paired down and conslidated version of D2A and TCK, and [[Damasca: The Adventure]] and attempt to either port or re-envision D2A and TCK into a single player adventure game using the Solarus game engine.

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