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  • damasca-history

    Since the project's hiatus several attempts have been made to restart Damasca using alternative engines including a Neverwinter Nights module, a [[Damasca Minecraft]] Server using the Magrathea map as a seed, and a few attempts at finishing the engine that Daiftau started. Current efforts are going into either creating [[Damasca Classic]], a paired down and conslidated version of D2A and TCK, and [[Damasca: The Adventure]] and attempt to either port or re-envision D2A and TCK into a single player adventure game using the Solarus game engine.

  • damasca

    Since then, we made multiple attempts to recreate Damasca using other settings: Damasca Neverwinter Nights, [[Damasca Minecraft]], [[Damasca Classic]] and most recently [[Damasca: The Adventure]] using the [Solarus][2] engine.