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Tmux Grimoire

Session Management

New Session:

tmux new -s session-name
muxn session-name


tmux a -t session-name
muxa session-name

List Sessions:

tmux ls

Kill Session:

tmux kill-session -t session-name

Inside Tmux Session

To access the tmux terminal press ctrl+b. All commands below assume the prefix have already been pressed before the command.

Session Management

s   list sessions
$   name session
d   detach

Window Management

c   create window
w   list windows
n   next window
p   previous window
f   find window
,   name window
&   kill window

Pane Management

v   vertical split
s   horizontal split
o   swap panes
q   show pane numbers
x   kill pane
\+  turn pane into window
\-  turn window into pane

h   move left
j   move down
k   move up
l   move right

ctrl+h  resize pane left
ctrl+j  resize pane down
ctrl+k  resize pane up
ctrl+l  resize pane right

Copy Mode

[           enter copy mode
/           search buffer
h,j,k,l     move in copy mode
v           enter visual mode
y           yank
p           put

Configuration Notes

The configuration sets the following properties throughout.

  • Mouse mode is on
  • Vim-style pane movement, resizing
  • Saner pane splitting

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