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Vim Grimoire

Grimoire for VIM commands

File Management


:q      close
zq      quit all
zz      save and quit

Nerd Tree:

<ctrl>+n            toggle nerd tree
o/O                 open file or directory / open recursively
x/X                 close file or directory / close recursively
c                   open directory in new NDT pane
C                   make directory root
u/U                 move root directory up / move but stay
r/R                 refresh directory / refresh root
p/P                 go to parent / go to root
f                   toogle file filters
:Bookmark [<name>]  add book mark with name
D                   delete bookmark
m                   new, delete, or move files

Split & Tab Management


<ctrl>+h  hop left
<ctrl>+j  hop down
<ctrl>+k  hop up
<ctrl>+l  hop right

:sp     open horizontal split
:vsp    open vertical split

<ctrl>+w o    fullscreen pane


gt      next tab
gT      last tab
tabm #  go to tab #


s       open in vertical split
i       open in horizontal split
t       open in tab

Fuzzy File Open

<ctrl>+p    start file search
<ctrl>+v    open in vertical split
<ctrl>+s    open in horizontal 
<ctrl>+t    open in tab
<ctrl>+y    creae a new file


zc  closes fold


Vim Modes:

a/e/i   insert mode
escape  command mode
v       visual mode
f3      toggle numbers


Marks allow us to dog ear a spot in the code to return.

m+[a-z]         Add a mark in the file at this point
m+[A-Z]         Add a global mark at this point
'[a-zA-Z]       Return to line of the mark
`[a-zA-Z]       Return to the exact position of the mark
:marks          Show current marks
:delm [a-zA-Z]  Delete the marka
:delm!          Clear all marks


Registers are where text that has been deleted or cut goes

"a y    Add register A for text yanked by y
"a p    Put text in register a
0-9     Registers for the last ten yanks/deletes

Text Manipulation


y       copy
p       paste
x       cut
space+v paste from clipboard
space+y copy to clipboard
.       Repeat last input


d       delete character
d$      delete to end of line
dGG     delete to end of file
dd      delete line


r       redo
u       undo

Search & Replace:

:%s/*/*   search and replace
:%s/public function\(.*\)) {/public function\1)\r\t{/
    Search for and capture a section and insert it in the replace

Moving About

Character movement:

h       left
j       down
k       up
l       right

Jump about:

#G      jump to line #
^       start of line
$       end of line
b       back a word
w       forward a word


/       search
n       next search match
N       last search match

Fuzzy Search

f5          purge cache
<ctrl>+r    regex mode
<ctrl>+d    filename mode


f5      start script
f2      step over
f3      step into
f4      step out
f6      kill script
f7      detach from debugger
f10     toggle breakpoint
f12     evaluate variable under cursor


z=      spellcheck dialog
]s      next misspelled word
[s      last misspelled word
zg      add word to dictionary
zw      mark word as wrong
zug     undo add word
zuw     undo wrong word

SQL Plug

<space>sp       select mysql preset
<space>sd       set database
<space>rf       run file
<space>rs       run statement
<space>dl       list databases
<space>tl       list tables
<space>td       describe table


<space>tt           show method/variable breakdown for class
<space>fs           fix highlighting
q+[a-z]             start/stop recording macro
<space>gc           toggle comment
<space>gw           format to line length
<space>pd           start doc block
<space>fj           format json
<space>fr           format sql
<space>a+[^|<>l::|] fix alignment
<shift>+k           open documentation in pane

<ctrl>+x <ctrl>+f   open file selector
<ctrl>+n            start autocomplete
<ctrl>+n, <ctrl>+p  cycle through autocomplete options

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