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  • brag-sheet

    The brag sheet is roughly 5-10 pages by the end of the year and updated on a quarterly basis. It includes narrative, diagrams, [[mind mapping]] and lists as a complete report to highlight my achievements over the course of the year.

  • knowledge-management
    • If an article is worth knowing, take the time to read it thuroughly and completely using [[Mind Mapping]] techniques to deconstruct it into an alternativew visual medium.
  • paper-based-planning
    • Note taking with physical media allows for free-form exploration of the material, e.g. [[mind mapping]].
  • personal-productivity-practices
  • review-annual

    Vermeer proposes using [[Mind Mapping]] techniques to quickly outline the domains of your life. This is useful for creating the initial snapshot that becomes a prose note outlining each domain in three hundred words or less and a score on a linkert scale (Very Bad, Bad, Ok, Good, Very Good) for each sub-category in that domain.