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OSR Daurlands

(Working Title -- Maybe Daur for the Doorway to the Otherworld?)

  • Largely inspired by the four branches of the [[Mabinogion]]
  • Low Magic setting in the prime plane; limited to ritual magics, cantrips, and divine magic. Ocassionally there is overlap where the magics of the otherworld invade the prime plane allowing for fey to cross over and cast their spells in the material world.
  • High Magic in the otherworld with access to arcane spells of all types
  • No Demi-Humans on the prime plane, except for interlopers to be dispelled. Ghost abound, people, politics etc.
  • All kinds of fey and strangeness abound in the other world. Temporal rifts. Distortions of space. Largely mirrors the primal plane but is more vibrant, more full of life. Animals are dire and huge. Abberations and monsters roam the woods. The peoples are elves, dwarves, goblins and demons. Magic is powerful and the people are as well to match.
  • Bardic College; knowledge is past by way of ministrals who meet annually to reaffirm the old stories and traditions
  • Death isn't a state of being, it's a place. One can leave with permission of the king of the dead -- which is preferrable as otherwise he will get mad at the theft of his subjects. One can be yanked back out of death by magics cast in the otherworld, but future visits may be less pleasant and bring about deaths' wraith. The dead regularly visit the living who remember them on holidays (the equinoxes and full moons). But do so less and less as direct memory of their times alive fade.

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