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Paper Based Planning

I have slowly built out a system of note taking and planning that emphasizes the usage of writing on physical paper with pen and ink in [[bullet journals]], [[software engineering labbooks]], and [[mind maps]]. This process, I believe asists in my productivity in three ways:

  1. Note taking with physical media assists in [[knowledge managment]] by reinforcing memorization of the material through reinterpretation and focus.
  2. Note taking with physical media allows for free-form exploration of the material, e.g. [[mind mapping]].
  3. Note taking with physical media encourages recognizing the ephemeral needs of note taking. Notes are often necessary to assist in thinking through a problem in the present, and once solved can be discarded. Over-collation, storage, and management of data, emphasized by computational generation of notes, can become burdensome and is often unecessary.

Computational planning tools are then used as a mean of enhanment, e.g. calendar applications, [[todo.txt]], [[TimeKeeper]], and Digital Gardening all extend a process that is primarily paper-based.

The Notebooks

On me at all times are...

Don't forget the pens! My current daily runner is a Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen with a fine nib and Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi black ink.

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