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Annual Review

The annual review revises the entirety of my current station in life, commitments, and personal goals for the upcomming year. This review is conducted over the first two weekends of the new year.

  • Complete the Q04 review for the previous year. Pause before goal setting.
  • Review the previous year's vision documents.
  • Review each of the previous yeart's [[quarterly reviews]].
  • Create a new [[Yearbook]] and complete the annual budget review.
  • Complete the [[8,760 Hours]] review
    • Create an initial overview mind-map
    • Create a whole life mind-map
    • Create a creative mind map of the last year
    • Create a cultural mind-map of the last year
    • Create a social mind-map of the last year
    • Create a salubrity mind-map of the last year
    • Use a linkert scale to rate each mind map
    • Compose a prose summarization of each mind map
  • Complete the [[8,760 Hours]] goal setting
  • Create the ideal future mind map.
  • Assess the ideal future and whole life mind-map for areas to prune.
  • Do I still identify with each leaf of the mind-map?
  • From the ideal future mind map create the goals mind map.
  • Complete the Q01 goal setting based on our new vision documents.
  • Archive the documents directory of the prior year
  • Purge paper documents of the prior year
  • Post the annual micro-reviews to the blog.
  • Summarize the mind-map reviews into a public blog posting

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