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Annual Retrospective

The annual retrospective revises the entirety of my current station in life, commitments, and personal goals for the upcoming year. This review is conducted over last and first weeks of the new year.

Outline of the Annual Retrospective

  1. Complete the [[Quarterly Retrospective]] for Q4 of the prior year.
  2. Read the Quarterly Retrospectives for the Last Year; Create a narrative summary of the year in 1,000 words or less
  3. Review and cull, add or amend outstanding [[Projects]]
  4. Complete the [[Quarterly Retrospective]] Goal setting for Q1
  5. Create a new [[Yearbook]] and plan the budget for the year, track changes in funds from the year prior, outstanding debt, and upcoming large expenses for the new year
  6. Archive digital and physical documents to create a clean workspace for the new year
  7. Update (everywhere) the resume with achievements from the last year

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