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Fortnight Review

There are 26 Fortnight Reviews in each year conducted on the first monday of each fortnight. These reviews are my chance to reflect on the last two weeks and make plans for the next two weeks.

They should never take longer than two hours.

  1. Start a new journal entry for the previous fortnight
  2. Review the last 14 days of done tasks in Todo.txt
  3. Review the last 14 days in TimeKeeper
  4. Review the contents of the Bullet Journal, [[Software Engineering Labook]], Quarterly Goals, Calendar, Jira, and any other relevant planning documents
  5. Review the contents of Todo.txt. Add tasks from the next two weeks on the Calendar. Cull tasks. Prioritize C (do this fortnight) tasks.
  6. Identify the priority tasks for the next fortnight and compose 3-7 goals for the next fortnight -- note how these goals relate to the quarterly goals
  7. Squash-merge the fortnight branch of my todo list into master and create a new fortnight branch

The Fortnight Review Journal

The template for the Fortnight Review is constantly evolving. I generally copy the previous journal entry and tailor it to the new fortnight. In general it consists of:

  • A reminder of the Hamming Question, John Jones Questions, and [[Zen Precepts]]
  • One or more bulleted sections where I outline notable accomplishments and events that occurred during the sprint.
  • A section listing what I am on reading, playing or watching
  • A section to answer the question "What am I grateful for this fortnight?"
  • A section to answer the question "What was negative this fortnight?"
  • A table breaking down my [[Monthly Habits]] tracking
  • A table breaking down the total hours spent in each category tracked in TimeKeeper
  • A copy of the current quarterly goals
  • My goals for the next fortnight

Hamming Question

The Hamming Question attempt to provoke thought into improving your situation:

What single thing, if succesfully performed, would have the biggest impact?

Jon Jones Questions

In "How to Cut the Tether and Work from Anywhere", Jon Jones addressed the 2017 GDC on how to ensure you are meeting expectations as a remote worker or consultant:

  • Am I consistant and reliable?
  • Do I understand what meeting expectations means?
  • Can the team reach me when they need me?
  • Does the team know what I'm working on?
  • Do I respond quickly on Slack or Hangouts to proactively resolve issues?
  • Do I project a virtual prescense on a daily basis?

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