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Nightly Review

Go to Bed Empty

The nightly routine before winding down to bed...

  1. Fill the [[Five Line Journal]] entry for the day
  2. Fill all 24 hours into TimeKeeper and update my timesheet in Jira
  3. Record all done tasks in Todo.txt
  4. Review all inboxes for new tasks and add them to Todo.txt
  5. Review goals from previous [[Fortnight Review]]
  6. Prioritize tasks in Todo.txt from A (do now), B (do today) or C (do this fortnight) or unprioritized (do sometime in the indefinite future)
  7. Copy the A and B prioritized tasks into the [[Bullet Journal]] under an entry for the new day
  8. Update the [[Monthly Habits]] log
  9. Update the currently reading note with today's articles
  10. Commit documents to the repository for the day
  11. Clap. Say "it is done," turn off monitors

Ideally this should never take more than thirty minutes.

New: Evaluate, am I tracking to my work commitments? Am I overspending time on social media, sleep or chores? Did I make time for skunkworks and projects? Did I make time for FGR? Did I take time for zazen and walking?

Through the Day

Through the day itself, I track detailed progress on engineering work using my [[Software Engineering Labook]] and track higher-level tasks in the [[Bullet Journal]], only returning to Todo.txt and my digital tracking during the nightly review.

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