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Nightly Retrospective

Go to Bed Empty

The nightly routine before winding down to bed...

  1. Log work hours in the Sprint Hours Log of the Engineering Notebook.
  2. Log done tasks to Todo.txt1
  3. Log [[Monthly Habits]] and Vices
  4. Log hours slept in the Sleep Log
  5. Add an entry to the [[Five Line Journal]]
  6. Review inboxes and goals for new tasks and add them to Todo.txt
  7. Prioritize tasks in Todo.txt
    • A: Daily most important item (limit 3)
    • B: Do today
    • C: Do this [[pythefnos]]
    • D: Blocked, reprioritize when unblocked
    • Unprioritized: Do in the indefinite future
  8. Copy away-from-office contexts into the [[Bullet Journal]]
  9. Commit documents to the repository for the day

Ideally this should never take more than thirty minutes.

Through the Day

Through the day itself, I track detailed progress on engineering work using my [[Software Engineering Labook]] and track higher-level tasks in Todo.txt, and jot notes in the Bullet Journal.

External References

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