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Quarterly Review

There are 4 Quarterly Reviews in the year, each covering roughly 12-14 weeks. These reviews are my chance to reflect on the last quarter, any progress towards annual goals, and conduct any goal setting for any larger projects or events in the next three months.

Q1January - MarchA00 - F13
Q2April - JuneG00 - M13
Q3July - SeptemberN00 - S13
Q4October - DecemberT00 - Z13

The quarterly review occurs on the first sprint of each quarter and covers the previous six or seven fortnights. The review and goal setting typically takes four to eight hours.

Arvelie is a calendar system used by Devine Lu Linvega. [[Pythefnos]] is a modified version of Arvelie that maps the syntax to monday-starting weeks in the Gregorian calendar.


As you progress through each step of the review keep The Hamming Question in mind:

What single thing, if succesfully performed, would have the biggest impact?

Also consider the following questions from [[8670 Hours]]:

  • What are the positive peaks and negatives troughs through the quarter?
  • What is the status of my goals and projects?
  • What is going well or poorly?
  • Am I on track?
  • Are my major goals still my most important goals?

The Review

Before working on goals for the next quarter, we must first evaluate how the previous quarter progressed.

  1. Review and [[mind-map]] the last six or seven [[fortnight reviews]], ideal life mind map, annual goals, and prior quarter's goals. Create a new "Visions & Goals" document for the next quarter.
  2. Fill in the Media & Culture section listing any games, literature, or films from the last quarter.
  3. Fill in the [[Monthly Habits]] section, calcuate the fortnight average for each habit. Evaluate the progress on each habit in 60 words or less.
  4. Fill in the Time Tracking section for each category tracked in TimeKeeper and calcuate the fortnight average for each. Evaluate each category in 60 words or less.
  5. Evaluate each goal from the [[Annual Review]] in 60 words or less.
  6. Update the "Brag Sheet" with a bullet list of (1) work acommplishments, (2) collobrations, and (3) extracurricular items.
  7. Compose a 500 (or less) word narrative of the last quarter.

The Goal Setting

Once the review of the previous quarter is finished, we can begin setting goals for the next quarter.

  1. Review the calendar and budget forcasts for the upcoming quarter. Note any known major events (holidays, PTO, conferences) or major changes to the budget (large item purchases, travel) that will effect the quarter.
  2. Evaluate the [[Monthly Habits]] and determine if each should be kept, discarded, or modified for the next quarter.
  3. Evaluate the Time Tracking from the previous quarter. Have we allocated enough time for neccessary tasks? Are there areas of our life we are short changing? Set an hourly goal for each category (either a maximum or minimum).
  4. Evaluate the goals and ideal life mind map from the [[Annual Review]]. Determine if they are still my most important goals, or if they should dropped/replaced. Identify one to three projects that could be done in the next three months that would have the biggest impact towards achieving each goal.
  5. Evaluate the [[meta-skills]] that we are working towards this year. Determine if they are still important to develop this quarter or should be dropped/replaced. Identify a measurable criteria for progress in each meta-skill.

Over the course of the first sprint of quarter further flesh out the projects identified under #4. What would success of these projects look like? What metric will I use to track progress on these projects? Address uncertainties in the project. Outline or map the tasks necessary to achieve the project. Identify and add milestones for the project to the calendar.

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