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Zen Precepts

The Three Treasures

  • Taking refuge in the Buddha
  • Taking refuge in the Dharma
  • Taking refuge in the Sangha

The Three Pure Precepts

  • Do not create Evil/Obey the rules
  • Practice Good
  • Actualize Good For Others

The Ten Grave Precepts

  1. Respect life/Do not kill
  2. Be giving/Do not steal
  3. Honor the body/Do not misuse sexuality
  4. Manifest truth/Do not lie
  5. Proceed clearly Do not cloud the mind
  6. See the perfection/Do not speak of others' errors and faults
  7. Realize self and others as one/Do not elevate the self and blame others
  8. Give generously/Do not be withholding
  9. Actualize harmony/Do not be angry
  10. Experience the intimacy of things/Do not defile the Three Treasures

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