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Disinformation Theory

In David Schmudde's essays Truth Storms the Capitol and On the Internet, We are Either Artists or Bureaucrata he outlines several items regarding our collective understanding of truth in so far it is mediated to us.

The following is just a notes braindump:

  1. Social Media shapes our perception of reality but the algorithmic considerations used to determine this shape are opaque
  2. Misinforamtion, malinformation, disinformation are part of the information superhighway's landcape
  3. The benefits of the internet also create their anticdent. We can't have car crashes if we do not first have cars.
  4. Narrowcasting is the tailoring of a presentation to a specialized audience. This is opposed to broadcasting with is crafted for mass appeal. An narrowcast internet is one that contains only the information that the audience wants to know and none of the information that would challenge or be disaggreable to them.

On a side note, it is interesting that broadcasting itself has somewhat of a negative connotation as it has historically been framed as a means of shaping group-think on the nation-state level.

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