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Currently working on learning French, Spanish and Japanese with this year's focus being on Japanese. German also remains as a distant possibility. My aim with French was not to become conversant, but over three years I was able to reach the skill level I desired and can read most common social media posts, newspapers, comics, and blogs. Spanish and Japanese, I am aiming for fluency.

A seperate note details [[Strategies for Language Learning]].

Resources for Language Learning

French for Reading
Excellent resource for learning how to read French. The book is focused on graduate level students who need to quickly get up to speed with reading papers in their native languages. Tons of translation exercises and a nice focus on grammar.
Duolingo is a gamified language larning app. I had some success with Duolingo for French. Like French for Reading, Duolingo is excellent on the getting down vocabulary but not so much on becoming conversational. Starting the Japanese course, but looking for supplemental materials.

Zach Daniel in "Learning How to Learn Japanese" outlined a nice set of tools that they're using to master Japanese.

Morg, in "Japanese Learning Resources" outlines a different, more immersion-focused approach and gives a solid list of resources including physical textbooks and grammar guides.

Additionally, Christian Horn has a detailed list of additional Japanese resources that I haven't (yet) pursued. The most interesting elements are options for one-on-one tutoring with native speakers via video conferencing.

Considering giving these tools, on top of Duolingo, a shot for Q3 of 2020.

Tofugu put together this site for spaced repetition of kanji and learning 6,000 Japanese vocuabulary words.
Another free vocabulary application. Focuses on learning how to type Kanji using a Japanese keyboard
A tool for learning Japanese grammar and learning how to form sentences and express ideas in Japanese.
NHK Easy News
Resource for learning how to read Japanese through simplified news articles. NHK also appears to have an Android, but not iOS, app that assists with learning how to translate the articles. NHK also appears to have a site with resources for learning Japanese before travel.
Japanese for Busy People
AJALT publishes a series of textbooks under the "Japanese for Busy People" label. They are also starting to offer online lessons in 2021 for the first volume in the series. Lessons run ~$700 USD for 10 weeks of two 90 minutes group sessions with three to six other students.

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