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Damsca began in late 1999 as a mod of the little know game Graal Online -- a Zelda-esque multiplayer game that still exists for mobile. In it's original incarnation Graal came with a level editor, a scripting engine and the ability to host your own server. I would consider gscript the first programming language that I ever mastered.

Due to licensing issues, the Damasca server was shut down in 2001. Efforts were made to create an officially sanctioned "player world." Politics made this short lived, and we took the server offline only a few months after launching.

2001 to 2008 saw a concerted effort to abandon the Graal engine in favor of building our own multiplayer engine. A community grew around the Damasca forums that lives on today in our Discord server. We dreamt big dreams, even had a level editor and the start of a multiplayer server. However, life happened and the game got stuck in vaporware land.

Since then, we made multiple attempts to recreate Damasca using other settings: Damasca Neverwinter Nights, [[Damasca Minecraft]], and most recently [[Damasca: The Adventure]] using the Solarus engine.

The following are my outstanding Damasca-related projects:

Damasca Minecraft
An effort to convert the setting from Damasca: The Conflicted Kingdoms into a long-running Minecraft server.
Damasca: The Adventure
Effort to recreate serveral dungeons from Damasca: The Conflicted Kingdoms using the Solarus engine with stretch goals of (1) recreated the Conflicted Kingdoms overworld map and (2) hacking on multiplayer

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